FM Maturity Self Assessment


  • What is this tool?

    Welcome! This is a self-assessment. It will only take you 5 minutes. It will help you to understand the maturity with which your FM functions are managed – and how to improve transparency, control and reduce costs.

  • Who is it for?

    Anyone with an interest in the way buildings are managed in operation. We expect you have some responsibility for managing your organisation's facilities. Building management won't be your organisation's core business (if you're a University, that's teaching and research; if you're a bank that's...banking). But like most, your organisation has buildings in which it operates and that are crucial to its operation. Whether you outsource how these buildings are managed or have an internal property or estates team and services department, optimising your FM will deliver wider benefits.

  • What will I get out of this?

    A better understanding of the way your facilities are managed in relation to international best practice guidance and standards. You will define how you believe different areas of your operations compare to these standards, and will receive a short summary of potential next steps to improve that performance.

  • What is FM?

    Facilities Management (FM) in this context is simply the management of your buildings or facilities in operation – as distinct from your core operations. This can include the hard services of engineering and maintenance, any number of soft services from cleaning and grounds maintenance to security or any number of other non-core business support processes. Any combination of elements of your FM might be outsourced to a third party supplier, or provided by a team in-house.

  • What do you mean by 'Maturity'?

    For the purpose of this assessment, we are talking about the sophistication of your FM. In self-assessment of your FM functions, you will judge how these functions perform in comparison to best practice. You should make the judgement for your FM as a whole, including the performance of both your internal teams and suppliers (if you have outsourced services) and the relationships between them. Consider performance generally around the themes of: standardisation (are your facilities managed with consistency?), high quality (are you satisfied with this management?), transparency (do you have full visibility of facilities performance?) and control (are you empowered to act when optimal?).

  • Instructions

    Move to the next page to start the assessment. You will be shown an empty spider diagram. The 6-axis each represent different elements of your FM operations - we have called 'Functions'. Each function is described on the left, and a short description for each of 5 levels of maturity is given. You can read about each level of maturity, and pick the level your functions are currently managed to. Once you have chosen a number, click the green button to move on to the next Function. As you progress you will complete the spider diagram. Once you have selected a maturity level for each of the 6 Functions, you can proceed to results by clicking on blue button at the bottom. You will receive a report of suggested next-steps you could take to improve your operations and reduce cost.

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